Board of Commissioners Agenda

Barry County Board of Commissioners
March 2, 1451; 09:45 am.; Commission Chambers


Service List

  1. 1 Go through the current website (and barrysheriff), page by page, and create a list of all the services/instructional guides/ offered. Just give the page a once-over a list the big services provided. This list should be massive.
  2. 2 Paste this list in the ‘services‘ page.
  3. 3 After the list has been pasted, start hyperlinking to appropriate forms and document. If it is a bigger service, link to the correct page on the test site.
  4. 4 Surf the current test site. If no page exists for the service, create a new page and place it under services. We’ll move it to the correct  location later.
  5. Add some stars **** to services you made a new page for.

Once you’re done, we’ll work from there. I think this should be a half to 3/4 day project at most.


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